Best Guide For Bulk Email Marketing With Sendgrid In 2022
Table of Contents
  1. What Is A Bulk Email?
  2. What Is The Mechanism Behind Bulk Email?
  3. What Sets Bulk Email Apart From Other Types Of Email?
  4. Simple Steps for Sending Bulk Email
  5. Beginner’s Guide To Complex Audience Segmentation
  6. What If You Send An Excessive Number Of Emails?
  7. Conclusion

What Is A Bulk Email?

bulk emailA bulk email is sent to many recipients all at once. Bulk email is commonly used in marketing campaigns to promote a company or product. As opposed to spam, bulk email is sent to people who have agreed to receive marketing communications from a company.

What Is The Mechanism Behind Bulk Email?

bulk emailBulk email is when you use an email service provider to send mass emails to a large number of people at once. You can put a single message to as many contact email addresses as possible.

However, while email smashing all recipients on your subscriber list can be tempting and often cost-effective, this method is usually encountered with ambivalent engagement. It can harm the overall success of your email program. Whether you are submitting an email to one person or 1 thousand, you must exercise responsible sending.

We’re not suggesting that you should never send mass emails; instead, you should use them strategically. Twilio SendGrid works with thousands of businesses that send millions of emails per month, so they’ve seen bulk emails fail to meet performance objectives and be used successfully and strategically. We’ve enlisted some of the best practices and tips for leveraging your email program to ensure your bulk email campaigns fall into the latter category.

Here are some examples of commonly discussed topics that could be included in a bulk email:

  • Announcements from the company
  • Product enhancements
  • Service interruptions
  • Updates to the terms of service
  • Promotions or coupons
  • Other advertising campaigns

What Sets Bulk Email Apart From Other Types Of Email?

Bulk EmailTransactional emails are delivered to only one person responding to a specific user’s activity. It may be an email about an abandoned cart or a receipt with information about their most interactive situation. Transactional emails are one-to-one communications delivered from your company to a single receiver. On the other hand, bulk email is also known as one-to-many email because it is sent from your organization to a significant number of customers/users.

It’s essential to distinguish bulk email from junk mail sent without the recipient’s permission. Bulk email is allowed as long as your subscribers have agreed to receive emails from you and the CAN-SPAM regulations are followed. However, most bulk mail is called graymail because of a lack of email targeting and message relevance.

Graymail is an email that your recipients have agreed to get but do not wish to receive in their mailboxes. Graymail isn’t labeled spam because your recipients have requested to hear from you and your organization is a trustworthy sender. However, there will be a gap in how helpful your email content is to your recipients. For example, Recipient A may be overjoyed to see your company’s monthly newsletter in their inbox. In contrast, Recipient B, who registered to receive a coupon code, will click delete without noticing it every month.

Simple Steps for Sending Bulk Email

Bulk EmailDon’t know where to begin when sending a bulk email? We’ve put together a quick step-by-step guide to ensure that your message reaches each of your intended targets. Let’s see how:

Look For An Email Service

Before you can deliver your first email, you’ll need to choose an email service provider that can handle the influx of emails you’ll be sending while meeting your deliverability goals. Twilio SendGrid considers delivering 10 million (or more) emails to be an immense volume of emails. However, they offer special pricing based on whatever email send volume your company requires. They can help you leverage your email program and maximize your email delivery statistics, whether you’re delivering 100 emails a month or over 10 million.

Obtain A Dedicated Ip Address

If you’re sending a few thousand emails each month, a shared IP address will suffice, but you’ll need to exert extra effort if you’re delivering a large number. Having a shared IP address can harm your brand if another sender utilizing the IP is not sending appropriately. To protect your credibility as you progress, you must have and control your dedicated IP address(es).

Make a Bulk Mail List

The next step is to understand who should receive your email. With simple signup forms that you can install immediately on your website, an email service provider can help you develop your email list and expand your business.

Compose Your Email Content

You’ll need to write the subject line, preview text, and email body content and collect and design any visual elements, such as photographs or gifs, that will help your email stand out. Alternatively, you can also send a plain text email.

Begin Small And Progress Gradually

You can’t just jump in and send 1 million emails every day. You must first warm up your IP address and sender domain to demonstrate to internet service providers (ISPs) that you are a reliable sender before you can begin sending bulk emails.

How do you begin warming up an IP address for high-volume email traffic? It would help if you started by sending a few emails and progressively increasing the amount as time goes on. You’ll also be required to keep an eye on your lists and eliminate any unresponsive or invalid contacts to maximize the chances of your messages being opened and clicked.

Beginner’s Guide To Complex Audience Segmentation

Bulk EmailThe technique of collecting user information and addressing specific individuals based on demographic traits or on-site behavior to give them more relevant content is known as audience segmentation. While there are a plethora of ways to segment your audience, the following are a few basic strategies to target specific users with your bulk email:

  • Demographics: Gender, age, area, job description, or level of income
  • User behavior: Where a person is in the sales funnel, what pages of your website they’ve previously viewed, or what they’ve previously ordered
  • Interests: What topics or causes do they care about?
  • Engagement history: Whether your customers open all of your emails or have recently ignored them.

What If You Send An Excessive Number Of Emails?

Bulk EmailUnfortunately, there are drawbacks to having too much of a good thing. Sending too many undesired or unengaging emails can harm your sender’s reputation and relationship with the subscribers. While an email blast has its place, we suggest that you educate yourself on the impact that several non-targeted emails can have on your email program.

Let’s have a look at the potential effects of sending too many unwanted mass emails:

  • Harmful to the sender’s reputation.
  • Low participation.
  • An increase in spamming complaints.
  • A high rate of unsubscription.

Wrapping Up

SendGrid is best positioned to help you if you want your emails sent and delivered correctly, whether you’re presently sending a high-volume email or if you envision your business growing in the coming months and years. It is in charge of sending millions of emails per month to some of the world’s most innovative companies, including:

  • Glassdoor
  • Spotify
  • Airbnb
  • Yelp
  • Uber

Developing innovative and efficient email marketing campaigns need not be a struggle. The suggestions above will help your bulk email stand out, engage, and produce results.

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