Wireframes & Interactive Prototypes

We specialize in creating high-fidelity wireframes and interactive prototypes, enabling our partners to conduct multiple rounds of preliminary tests and gather feedback on the features, aesthetics, functionalities, and user flow before developing fully functional digital products. A click-through prototype enables our clients to ideate their product and make the necessary changes even before development starts and helps them save on time, money and effort. Our Services in this domain encompass services such as User Analysis, Interaction Design and Digital Strategy with an emphasis on high fidelity solutions and optimized project funnels.

Wireframing Service

Our team of experts is well-versed with all the cutting-edge wireframing tools and designs in-depth and interactive prototypes, allowing us to analyze, discover and deal with oncoming development challenges.
User Analysis and Research
We conduct in-depth research into the prospective users of the product to define an optimized User Experience. We map the user's journey and then create customizable wireframes and minimum viable products to help our clients choose the perfect set of functionalities and features.
UI and Interaction Design
Modern applications are highly responsive and contain multiple types of interactive elements. We follow a highly illustrative approach when it comes to interaction design and focus on high-fidelity user experiences, powered by responsive and functional tools embedded into the product's design.
User Experience Consulting Services
Our team of UI/UX experts will help you deliver an optimized user experience aimed at achieving your desired metrics. We have a vast pool of highly talented professionals ranging from psychologists to industry-leading UI experts with years of domain expertise and experience.
Digital Strategy
We combine the powers of UX and Digital Marketing to elevate user experiences. We specialize in creating design-oriented conversion funnels aided by a great UI to achieve the desired performance and sales metrics. We can also optimize your product to run friction-free ad campaigns.

WireFraming Services: The Intellinez Advantage

We have years of experience and expertise in visualizing high fidelity experiences with an enhanced level of functionality and a user-friendly process flow.

Intellinez Systems
Understanding User Personas

We define and differentiate different types of users on their Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism to help you identify your target customers.

Intellinez Systems
High-fidelity Solutions

Our interactive and clickable prototypes enable a range of tests to be conducted. You can even follow an A/B testing approach to identify the functionalities that impact your metrics the most.

Intellinez Systems
Optimized Project Funnels

Our teams are highly efficient and follow an optimized design funnel, including the ideation stage, hypothesize and wireframing the product, creating a clickable prototype and conduct QAs tests.

Tools and Technology we Utilize

Our Wireframing & Prototyping Stack encompasses all the leading-edge programming languages, frameworks, database systems and server architectures. We work with the latest tools and technologies and even develop high-end in-house solutions for greater efficiency.

Industries We Serve

We boast years of experience and expertise in serving multiple industries and domains. Our custom solutions are designed to cater to specific use-cases and deliver disruption across industries. With multiple teams specializing in their specific disciplines, you will find end-to-end support for any industry or application.
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