A Privacy Centric Business Model

Intellinez Systems
No Client Surveillance

User tracking has devolved into full-fledged surveillance. This trend began with B2C services and has since expanded to include B2B services. At Intellinez, we are opposed to client & user surveillance. What exactly does that imply? We do not insert surveillance codes to follow our users while they use our solutions & services. All non-essential or obtrusive third-party trackers are removed from our solutions. To maintain the highest levels of privacy, we perform frequent audits and provide our clients with detailed reports.

Intellinez Systems
No Adware

No business plan is resilient to advertisements, but user privacy and online advertising don't combine well. We only generate revenue from selling world-class services & solutions to our clients, rather than showing annoying ads on the screen real-estate of our solutions. Ads are not displayed on any of our software services. We don't even push unnecessary cross-sales ads to our own clientele.

Intellinez Systems
Ethical Billing

Our business strategy is transparent, and we treat our clients & consumers like family. We don't want to make money in any way that puts our user's trust in our service at risk. Our billing schema never includes hidden charges, and a large portion of our earning is shared between our employees. We also ensure our commercial activities do not have a negative effect on our society and our environment.

Intellinez Systems
We Own Our Own Technology stack

All of the fundamental components of our technology stack are under our complete control. This not only assists us in providing a superior client experience but also ensures no rival will be able to obtain "backdoor analytics" on how our clients' services are doing. We make a great effort to develop our customer relationships and feel that our users' trust is a really non-negotiable commodity. We notify our customers when we employ third-party integrations to deliver service advancements in the limited cases when we do.

An Emphasis on Corporate Integrity

Intellinez Systems
We Work with Free Will

We are in the power of our own fate, and we want to maintain that freedom. We are a privately held, self-funded business. We intend to keep it that way. We don't have the support of investors or Wall Street. This is how we intend to keep it. This frees us from external pressure and allows us to make decisions that benefit our customers and staff in the long run.

Intellinez Systems
We keep Our Heads High

What motivates us is what is morally correct. We have never hesitated to choose what is right over what is immediately advantageous along our journey. This is one of our company's basic values. We are content to grow at whatever rate our fate allows, and we are not in any hurry. We can assure you that we will not stray from the road we have chosen because we have no investors to report to and no external stakeholders to deal with.

Intellinez Systems
Industry-Leading Initiatives

The law is often late to catch up with the rising privacy concerns of the modern world. We keep working on industry-leading encryption & security services and implement them into our own IT infrastructure before providing them to our clients. We believe we have to preemptively fight surveillance to stay one step ahead of the corporate data vultures.