Infrastructure Security

As enterprise applications migrate to the cloud, setting up security measures to stop unapproved access to these hosted solutions becomes essential. With Intellinez, you can set up infrastructure security measures and protect your business from Individuals with a malicious intents. Our Infrastructure security measures encompass services such as data security, platform security and virtualization security, with specialized countermeasures against DDoS Attacks and Data Breaches.

Infrastructure Security Services

Intellinez can help you preemptively get ahead of emerging infrastructure risks with solutions tailored to minimize breaches and help you scale securely.

Data Security
Data is an essential component of modern businesses. Our specialists will help you find security flaws in your database and cloud storage infrastructure and help you secure the flow of data from one point to another.
Platform Security
Modern service platforms handle business-critical data. Intellinez will assist you in gaining a comprehensive picture of your platform's security in terms of clear metrics and help improve them.
Virtualization security
With businesses eagerly adopting cloud computing, it becomes crucial to set up security and authentication screeners for these virtual solutions previously secured by the walls of one's own data center.

Infrastructure Security Services: The Intellinez Advantage

Our years of expertise and excellence in designing, integrating, and deploying security solutions for our clients have enabled us to offer a set of unmatched benefits collectively known as the Intellinez Advantage.

Intellinez Systems
Integrated Packages

We provide end-to-end network and infrastructure security solutions covering all the critical aspects of a secure cloud and network infrastructure to our valued clientele.

Intellinez Systems
Secure By Design

We not only implement the best security and authentification solution but also spend our own monetary and human capital in r&d of new encryption technologies.

Intellinez Systems
Pre-emptive Care

We don't sit around waiting to be attacked by something new but instead take preemptive actions to safeguard ourselves and our clients from any kind of malicious threat on the rise.

Our Tools & Technologies Stack

Our Infrastructure Security Stack encompasses all the leading-edge programming languages, frameworks, database systems and server architectures. We work with the latest tools and technologies and even develop high-end in-house solutions for greater efficiency.

Industries We Serve

We boast years of experience and expertise in serving multiple industries and domains. Our custom solutions are designed to cater to specific use-cases and deliver disruption across industries. With multiple teams specializing in their specific disciplines, you will find end-to-end support for any industry or application.
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