Intellinez Systems is an IT product design, development and consulting company. It provides IT services to businesses worldwide, helping them achieve their digital transformation journey goals and grow their businesses while cutting down on cost.
The corporate headquarters of Intellinez Systems are located at Quark Atrium, one of the finest business destinations in Mohali, Punjab – India.
Intellinez Systems specializes in IT product design, development and maintenance. They also specialize in key IT services such as Cloud, Managed Services, Web Security, Web Design, Web Development, Mobile Application Development, IT Product Management, IT Project Management. Intellinez Systems can help you achieve your IT business goals with exceptional quality and competitive rates. With Intellinez, you can expect your IT development to be faster, better and optimized at a fraction of the cost!
Intellinez Systems specializes in IT product design, development and maintenance. They also specialize in key IT services such as Cloud, Managed Services, Web Security, Web Design, Web Development, Mobile Application Development, Martech Services, IT Product Management and IT Project Management.

Outsourcing is the business practice of hiring a party outside a company to perform services and create goods traditionally performed in-house by the company’s employees and staff. Some common outsourcing activities in the field of IT are IT product design, development, QA services, maintenance, product management, project management, martech services, security services, monitoring services and platform administration services.

Focus on what matters most and take the benefits of significant cost-savings, access to expertise and experience, limited liabilities, a pool of talented professionals, access to industry best practices, timely project completions, shared accountability and risks and staffing flexibility with outsourcing.

An offshore development center is a development company that provides you with software development services but is located in another country. Offshore custom software development involves offshoring the software development process in a country where production costs are lower, thus decreasing budget spending.

Some of the benefits of an offshore development center are reduced development and IT costs, access to talented and skilled resources following international standards, minimum investment in infrastructure and logistics, and a faster time to market.

According to A.T Kearney Global Service Location Index 2019, India is ranked number one when it comes to attractiveness for outsourcing. The Deloitte study, conducted on various global businesses, claimed that more than 59% of businesses are already successfully outsourcing their products to India. And 22% of them are right now planning to outsource in the coming future. According to a recent survey, eighty percent of European and US outsourcing firms ranked India as their most favorable destination for outsourcing. According to a report by NASSCOM, almost half of all Fortune 500 companies outsource software development to Indian IT firms.

Although countless competing economies like Mexico, China, the Philippines and Ireland have entered the market as major competitors, India has continued to outmaneuver all others and emerge as the top outsourcing destination due to major differentiating factors such as certain favorable government policies, fast-developing infrastructure, and an immensely talented workforce. The Indian IT outsourcing industry continues to experience a tremendous growth rate of 25– 30% per year. Most Fortune 500 companies like Cisco, Microsoft, Google, Walmart have their office in the country.

Intellinez Systems is an Indian company specializing in IT product development and consulting services. Our founders and team members have decades of experience working with Fortune 500 companies across the globe and have helped them succeed in their digital transformation journey successfully. With our skill and experience, we can help you or your organization set up a dedicated remote team or even employ remote employees at our facility. You can choose to manage your remote team or ask us to manage it for you. We are skilled enough to help you with product development and delivery while adhering to industry best practices and standards. While you pay for the resources you hire on an hourly or monthly basis, we take care of the work facility, employee benefits, salary, hardware and software required to carry out their work! We ensure you have 24*7 access to your resources and the delivery of the projects is smooth and secure.

Once you entrust us with the responsibility of helping you set up an offshore development center, we recruit the best talent in the industry. Of course, you get to play an essential role in the hiring process. Once hired, the resources are provided with the required hardware and software from our state-of-the-art offices to start working on your assignments.

Hourly rates for software professionals in India are generally a third of what you would pay in countries like the USA and Europe. While the cost of employing our resources remains low, the quality exceeds international standards.

The best way to reach out to us is by scheduling a call with us using Calendly. Feel free to set up a meeting with us at . You can also chat with us on our website or call us at +91-991-599-1876. You may also email us at [email protected] and we will reply to you ASAP.

With Intellinexz Systems, you get access to experienced and skillful IT Experts, the best cost talents across various IT tech stacks and domains, fanatic customer service and strict adherence to deadlines.

Of course, We trust our services and capabilities. With us, you get a risk-free trial on our services for 15 days.

Effective and clear communication form the backbone of offshore delivery in the case of IT. With the help of our fully transparent & failure-proof communication infrastructure (Video and audio), we are in constant touch with our clients to ensure the work gets done as expected no matter what location or time zone the client is in.

Contact us today or feel free to set up a call.

You sure can partner with us and grow your own IT business. We are in constant look for partners who can help us grow our businesses globally. We specifically look for people who can help us gain access to businesses and win contacts. We are happy to roll out referral bonuses in case the client you referred to us matures. Feel free to contact us.

Yes, we do have referral programs. We are on a constant lookout for channel partners who can help us gain access to businesses around the world in need of IT services. In case we enter into an agreement with the referred client, we share profits with our channel partners. Contact us to know more.

We would love to host you at our facility and assist you to have a look at our infrastructure and people. Contact us to schedule a visit.

No, we do not. You only pay for the resources you hire. Generally, the price you pay is inclusive of the employee salary, facility, infrastructure and generic software cost. In case of special requirements in terms of facility, hardware or software, pricing can be discussed before we enter into an agreement.

No, we pay for it and it is included in the price you pay per employee.

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