Benefits at Intellinez

Benefits at Intellinez

We At Intellinez believe that if we can break down corporate silos and bring a group of passionate individuals together, we can create something really wonderful. We treat our employees like a family and provide them with great employee benefits.

Insurance Benefits

We offer extensive insurance coverage for you, your spouse, and up to two children, dependent on you financially. Our all-inclusive insurance packages ensure you can stay stress-free and concentrate on your passion. A corporate Mediclaim policy will be at your disposal to manage any unwanted medical situation covering expenses upto Rs. 5 Lacs. for each family member.

Wellness Programs

We want all our employees to be healthy and happy. At Intellinez, we provide our employees with curated wellness programs designed to cater to their physical and emotional health.

Rewards & Recognition

We follow a comprehensive employee recognition program that guarantees timely rewards, recognition and bonuses to all individuals and teams for their efforts and services. We deeply value excellence and passion and ensure extra effort never goes unrewarded.

Balanced Work Life benefits

We recognize the importance of family and our employee's personal life. We provide paid time off for a number of reasons, including (but not limited to) parenting, hospitalization, marriage, and bereavement.

Free Trainings & Certifications

We have a passion for improvement and excellence. All our employees get free access to paid certifications & training modules, so they can keep growing as professionals without worrying about the price of education.

Excellent Sports & Health Infrastructure

All our employees have access to gym and pool facilities, to help them stay in shape and relax when required. We value our employees and always strive to keep them happy and healthy.