Offshore Development Centers

We help our Partners establish and manage dedicated offshore development centers in India, resulting in faster launches, shortened development pipelines and consistently high code quality. Businesses can focus on their main business by delegating capital-intensive and time-consuming IT services to their offshore development centers operating in partnership with Intellinez.

Why Choose Intellinez for your Offshore Development Centers?

Our shared model provides our partners with a plug-and-play approach to setting up their Offshore Development Center in India. We boast a large pool of talented engineers and state-of-the-art Infrastructure you can deploy in an instant and get started with your work.
Expertise in multiple Technology skillsets
Reduced Time to Market
Cost-effective IT Solutions
Scalable Team Structure
Plug-and-Play Model
State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure

The Intellinez Advantage

Our years of experience and expertise with setting up and managing Offshore Development Centers for our partners have enabled us to offer a range of benefits collectively known as the Intellinez Advantage.

Intellinez Systems
Pipeline Automation by Leveraging Leading DevOps Tools & Techniques.

Intellinez Systems
An Iterative Development Approach, leading to better quantifiability.

Intellinez Systems
Expertise in Microservices led Architecture for SaaS, PaaS and IaaS Projects.

Intellinez Systems
Use of continuous code refactoring leading to extended life of IT Investments.

Our Technology Stack

Our Tech Stack encompasses all the leading-edge programming languages, frameworks, database systems and server architectures. We work with the latest tools and technologies and even develop high-end in-house solutions for greater efficiency.

Industries We Serve

We boast years of experience and expertise in serving multiple industries and domains. Our custom solutions are designed to cater to specific use-cases and deliver disruption across industries. With multiple teams specializing in their specific disciplines, you will find end-to-end support for any industry or application.
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